Neon Sculpture by Terry W Scales

Between heaven and earth is light, life and our fragile eco system that man’s greed continues to pillage in the name of progress……..

The Neon light sculpture has been created for the Nouvelle Metamorphoses Exhibition 2016. It was constructed in Wales then assembled at my studio in France. This new piece is based on the successful light structures I have produced since the 1970s funded by the Arts Council of Great Britain and more recently in 2013 at my retrospective exhibition ‘Light in Life’ at the Pierre Talcoat Gallery at Hennebont in Brittany. “A Hard Rain Is Falling.” is an apocalyptic lightning strike, illuminating the sky with a barbed deluge…. foreboding of destruction as multiple crises in post truth corporate politics encourages unrestrained plundering of the planet’s resources.



Inspired by and acknowledging:

  • Bob Dylan’s – ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’……..A HARD RAIN IS FALLING NOW
  • The logo of Amnesty International
  • The Doors – ‘When the Music is Over….What have they done to the earth…..
  • Naomi Klein’s book ‘This Changes Everything’……corporate greed




A permanent site is needed for ‘A Hard Rain is Falling’

On Campus……… City Plaza……… Public Park………

This work is approximately 3.50m metres long x 2.50m wide x 3.8m high and constructed as 5 masts topped with wind-blown stair rods of neon barbed wire rain.

Can you help find a site for ‘A Hard Rain is Falling’? If so please contact Terry W Scales for more information.