My current work is a continuing exploration of colour compositions presented as images developed from light reflected and transmitted and their juxtaposition.
The work is presented in both two and three dimensional constructs.
Initially my colour work was exhibited in the 1970s and 1980s as sculptural environments and performance events for public spaces, funded by the Arts Council of Great Britain and shown internationally throughout Europe and at the Singapore International Arts Festival in 1986 representing the UK – which was a great privilege.
Recent work includes a series of colour light-scape images created from the unique richness of reflections seen daily in our urban and domestic environment.
‘The extensive use of reflective surfaces in our urban environment on buildings, double glazing, shop windows and the highly polished bonnets of vehicles for example, create a unique and magical world of reflected light and colour.
Since 1998 my recent work has evolved concentrating on the development of mixed media colour-light images titled illuminaria; computer generated  prints of light reflections titled light-scapes and sculptural neon and fabric constructs.
Also life painting and drawing has always been a constant creative and regenerative pleasure which I continue to do as part of my cycle of creative endeavour.


Light in Life artworks presented as:

Illuminaria: Overlays of abstract light forms as constructed light-scape compositions in two-dimensional mixed-media images.


Digital light-scape prints of urban light reflections.


Mural canvases

A series of architectural scale paintings for public buildings, based on the illuminaria and light-scapes.


Neon-light constructs


Life images

A series of figurative compositions. Life painting and drawing is a constant pleasure, a creative and regenerative exercise relating form and colour to emotion within composition.


“The extensive use of reflective surfaces in our urban environment create a unique and magical world of light and colour…….”
Terry W Scales